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Assault And Battery Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Assault & Battery Laws Georgia

Having strong legal defense on your side can help you avoid the serious penalties associated with assault crimes. Atlanta criminal attorney Brandon Dixon at the Law Office of Brandon Dixon, P.C. understands the stress involved with this type of arrest and can provide you with valuable guidance and advice. He is here to guide you every step of the way through the complex and stressful legal proceedings.

Attorney Brandon Dixon has received recognition from numerous prestigious legal organizations, including the State Bar of Georgia and Atlanta Bar Association. As his client, you can be confident that you’re seen as more than just another case number. Attorney Dixon works tirelessly and takes the time to understand your story, your goals, and your concerns – by doing so, he is able to provide the personalized representation you need and deserve.

Have you recently been accused of assault and battery? If so, you should not hesitate to hire a competent attorney to represent you in court. These types of charges are taken very seriously in the eyes of the law and are prosecuted heavily.


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Aggravated Assault in Georgia

In Georgia, the definition of aggravated assault is assault with the purpose of rape, murder, or rob. Assault with a weapon or an object to cause serious bodily injury or strangeling is also considered aggravated assault. Under Georgian law, there is a difference between criminal assault and battery. Aggravated assault is the threat of violence towards someone and causes that person to fear an injury, while battery is the actual physical contact that causes harm.

Can an aggravated assault charge be reduced to a misdemeanor in Georgia?

Yes, it can be reduced to a misdemeanor if it is a class VI undesignated offense. Typically once you complete probation, or the judge did not deem it to be that serious. Most aggravated assault cases can not be typically reduced to a misdemeanor. You could also get a plea offer to get it reduced to a misdemeanor. There might be a plea bargain if they know that they are more likely to lose the court battle. If they feel that poorly about their case, it will not be charged as an aggravated assault but a regular assault instead.

Punishments for Assault Crimes in Atlanta

Every type of assault crime differs slightly, depending on the exact circumstances involved. For example, a crime where a young child or elderly person was allegedly harmed would be penalized especially heavily. There are several different categories of assault charges, which will be explained to you in detail. The categories of assault charges include the following:
  • First degree assault: The act of intentionally putting someone in fear of bodily harm or intentionally charging serious harm that puts someone at risk.
  • Second degree assault: The act of intentionally causing harm with the use of a weapon or while committing another felony, such as using illegal drugs.
  • Third degree assault: The act of behaving in an irresponsible or reckless manner which causes bodily harm to another person.
You should not have to go through this difficult experience alone. Facing the legal system without adequate defense is close to impossible and could lead to a negative outcome. To learn more about how Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Brandon Dixon can help, schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Call his office today at (404) 884-8991 to get started. The firm is available 24/7!

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