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There are few things more frightening than being arrested or investigated for a crime. The justice system can feel rather isolating, and oftentimes the criminally-accused are left concerned about their rights. At the Law Office of Brandon Dixon, P.C. you can trust that a skilled and dedicated legal professional is working tirelessly to ensure that your future is safeguarded. If you have questions about the charges you are facing, Attorney Brandon Dixon can help you to build a solid defense.
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What to do if you’ve been arrested:
  • Remain silent, except when answering basic questions
  • Be polite and respectful with speaking with officers
  • Remember the names of the arresting officers
  • Contact a lawyer to begin building your defense
As a competent and zealous Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Brandon Dixon commits to providing the representation you need now more than ever. Securing proper representation can mean the difference between having a reduced sentence or your charges dismissed altogether and possibly facing jail time and heavy fines. Should you choose to hire his legal services, you will see firsthand the focus Attorney Dixon puts into fostering professional relationships with clients. Why do you need Brandon Dixon on your side?
  • He will provide you with exceptional customer service and transparency.
  • The firm is available 24/7 to help clients.
  • Initial 30-minute consultations are complimentary.
  • He will do everything in his power to resolve your case without you having to appear in court.
  • The firm is highly results driven.
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How Does a Case Get Dropped?

A case gets dropped because a prosecutor may feel that there is not enough evidence against the accused. New evidence could also be contrary to the defendant. Your attorney could also intercede with the DA and prosecutors when reviewing the police reports to argue that there is no basis for bringing a charge against you. If a charge gets filed regardless of a lack of evidence, then we can file a motion of case dismissal. There are other possible reasons why your charges can be dropped or dismissed:

  • Violations of the Fourth Amendment

  • Procedural Issues

  • Lack of resources

  • Willingness to Cooperate

What Is a Grand Jury Dismissal?

  • A grand jury dismissal is when a grand jury is convened to consider indictment on a charge, and it’s found that the case is not strong enough. The grand-jury can dismiss or “no-bill” the charge, or be dismissed by the prosecutor.

How Attorney Dixon Can Help

In preparation for a trial, Attorney Brandon Dixon does thorough research to determine a solid defense strategy. In addition, he may consult with experts to determine if they have any advice, strategies, or approaches related to getting results in a particular jurisdiction. He will be with you every step of the way, making certain your rights are fully defended and that every step you take serves in your best interest. He handles a variety of cases, including traffic tickets and DUIs, and can also assist you with matters involving theft crimesdrug crimesmisdemeanorsfelonies, and more.

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With Attorney Dixon on your side, you can be confident that you’re more than just another file number. The importance of quality representation cannot be understated – Attorney Dixon takes the time to learn about your story, your goals, and your concerns. Regardless of the obstacles involved in your legal matter, you can trust that the Law Office of Brandon Dixon, P.C. will proudly stand by your side.

If you have been arrested, you need to get a skilled legal representative on your side. The sooner you retain a trusted Atlanta criminal attorney, the better your chances of beating your charges. Waiting until it’s too late may come with irreversible consequences. Begin your case by reaching out to the Law Office of Brandon Dixon, P.C. for a free 30-minute consultation.

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