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The Law Office Of Brandon Dixon, P.C. Explains What An Accident Victim Should Do After A Car Accident That Was Not Their Fault

The Law Office of Brandon Dixon is a highly recommended personal injury law firm in Atlanta, GA. In a recent update, the law firm explained what a victim should do after a car accident that was not their fault.


(Atlanta, GA, June 2022) In a website post, the Law Office of Brandon Dixon explained what a victim should do after a car accident that was not their fault.


The Atlanta personal injury lawyer mentioned that safety comes first after a car accident. Although victims should not leave the accident scene, they should pull to safety. They should also take safety measures to prevent further damage. The victim should turn on the hazard lights and use a ‘Life Saver’ sign to alert other road users that there is an accident ahead. If one is seriously injured, they should ask passersby for help to get out of the damaged car or move them off the road to a safe place.


Additionally, the competent Atlanta car accident attorney said that the victim should collect information about the accident. They should collect other drivers’ information like full name, license number, insurance details, phone numbers, and more. Also, they should collect the other vehicle’s number plate, model, and owner’s details. It is also essential to talk to witnesses and take photos or videos to gather as much information as possible about the accident.


The Atlanta personal injury attorney added that victims should call the police immediately after the accident. The police will document the scene and write a police report, which will be helpful when claiming compensation. After the police interrogate everyone and take evidence, the victim should go for treatment or a medical checkup. They should also ensure they notify their insurance company and hire a car accident attorney to handle the case.

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