Georgia Aquarium: The Best Place To Visit in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, is a great city for tourists to visit, but Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, is the best. This aquarium has it all! The Georgia Aquarium offers unique exhibits and beautiful views of the ocean, so you can feel like you are at sea. There are dolphin shows, penguins, sharks, beluga whales, and even an IMAX theater. Georgia Aquarium also hosts events such as sleepovers with dolphins or talks from marine biologists for kids that want more information about what they see on their field trip to Georgia Aquarium. Information can be found here.


The aquarium is not just the best place to visit in Atlanta; Georgia Aquarium has things for everyone. Georgia Aquarium: The Best Place To Visit in Atlanta Georgia aquarium has over 100,000 species on display. Georgia aquarium features an excellent ocean tank. Georgia’s Ocean Tank is one of the giant grantor tanks globally. See here for information about Centennial Park District in Atlanta, Georgia, a Beautiful Park, to Enjoy.

Georgia Aquarium Features multiple educational exhibits while fun -Dolphin Tales tells you everything about dolphins without making it dull. Two different shows are going on every day featuring dolphins, sea lions, and belugas. You can watch their training sessions or spend quality time with the dolphins.