East Point, GA is a Liberal Suburb

East Point is a historic city that sits just south of Downtown Atlanta and north of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The city has seen its ups and downs throughout the decades, but these days, many young people are saying goodbye to Atlanta’s high cost of living and moving to East Point. Below are some of the good reasons why. Learn more here.

East Point Has It All

One thing that makes East Point a fantastic suburb to live in is the commitment to creating an exciting new suburb that is just minutes away from all of Atlanta’s business and entertainment opportunities. Organizations like the East Point Main Street Association are working to revitalize the area’s downtown while preserving its character. Keep East Point Beautiful, and the East Point Historical Society is always working hard to spruce up and revitalize the landscaping and maintain the city’s historical records and buildings. Learn more about Hapeville, GA Is a Vibrant City.

Endless Local Attractions

East Point is a mixed variety of old family-owned restaurants and shops scattered amongst newer businesses with recognizable names. History buffs enjoy visiting the area to learn a thing or two about Georgia’s past. Many people take advantage of the fact that the city is just about 5 to 10 miles away from many of Atlanta’s most coveted attractions.